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An initiative from Early Child Fatherhood Advocate/ Children’s Content Creator/ Educational Consultant, Hotep

About Hotep

As one of the few Black, Male elementary teachers in his district, Hotep quickly developed a reputation for churning out high Reading and Writing scores in traditionally low performing schools. Although, he primarily taught 4th and 5th grade, his most notable experience in education was the five years he spent as a Kindergarten teacher! It was during this time, that Hotep realized the opportunity to teach the fundamental skills needed for life-long literacy. Seeing that early learners are like sponges and would absorb whatever was placed in front of them, he again created unique systems for helping student vastly exceed grade level standards. 

Today, Hotep is an author of 15 books; including children’s books, coloring books and an animated cartoon series. His profound work has earned him nominations for the Presidential Citizen’s Award and as a CNN Hero.

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